Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who's your daddy?

Picture courtesy of Tim (Jason's best friend)
Remember this post? Well, probably not, because I just reread it, and the writing was as familiar to me as the writing on the daily newspaper. But apparently, this is my blog, so I probably wrote it. Anywho, that post is special because I think it reached the intended audience. Your boy (well actually my boy) was hired as a Firefighter for Lively Shively!!! We are still trying to let it all sink in. The recruit class (Louisville Fire and Shively Fire train together) started on Monday. There was always a glimmer of hope that he would still be hired as long as the class did not start. Sunday evening came and we knew that was the end, but it was a good thing because it gave us a sense of closure. The finality of it allowed us to look toward the next application. On Monday afternoon Jason gets a call from the Fire Chief asking him if he was still interested in being a Fire Fighter (apparently Jason was 3rd in the line for the 2 open positions). One of the two guys that was hired, quit 3 hours into the very first day of New Recruit Class. Jason's #3 position then turned into #1 and hello Shively!!! He is beyond ecstatic and I am full of pride. When he told me I was so happy (happy doesn't really describe it, more like manic as in manic depressive), that I considered going door to door in the neighborhood that I work in and telling them the good news (not about Jesus but about Jason...though I probably really should be doing that, too...anywho).
I like to leave you with funny....When the Chief was telling Jason what to expect in new recruit class, he explained that it was similar to a boot camp in that it is a lot of yelling, and making fun, ect. He said (very seriously), "Now Jason, I know you know martial arts but if they start yelling at you, don't beat them up."
***Also, now that he's a Fire fighter, should I continue to call him The Lawn Boy or should I call him The Fire Fighter? Fire Marshall Bill? The Fighter, The Ex (as in extinguisher) ??? Who cares, he's THE MAN.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Your girl has a "Strange" last name for a reason

If you know me pretty well, you know that when I get into something, it's not necessarily the kind of things normal people get into. For instance, in 2009 I watched almost every game of the the NCAA Softball Championship. I was rooting for no particular team, but I wanted to watch every game. For a while, I became really interested in Chelsea Handler and read all of her books and watched her show every night, and then I got over her. When I was pregnant with mh3, I decided to have a drug free labor and delivery. All I did was read about, talk about and research natural childbirth for 9 months. When I did Bootcamp in 2010 for four weeks, all I did was think about working out and talk about working out (which I am still into working out it just doesn't invade all of my thoughts...My new fitness interest is Body for Life and I found inspiration for that from this site). For a while I wanted to join a Roller Derby team (I still kind of want to). Recently, I got into rinsing with peroxide (this lasted for about a month). Anywho, the point is, sometimes I find interest in something and I really get into it even when it may be quite odd. If you know me, you will not find it out of character (for me) to found a new interest in...... tea and all things tea (accessories, forums, blogs, etc.). I know that I am an odd person but when I began reading forums dedicated to people who like to talk about tea, I realized I might be just a bit beyond odd. Am I losing it? I'm not sure, but what I do know is that I am on a mission. I am going to find the best tasting loose leaf tea, perfect electric tea kettle, and wonderfully perfect tea infuser. I have even began reading about the double pot method (only us "tea connoisseurs" understand such delicate procedures so I won't bore you simpletons). Enough about the tea (though I am definitely not finished with it, I will move on). What this is really about is the fact that I might be crazy, being crazy leads me to do weird things like fantasize about all things tea. What makes me crazy, you ask? It might be things like the following situation;
mh1: "Mommy, mh2 is brushing mh3's hair with this!" I look up to see her holding my toilet bowl cleaner.
source for picture found here

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things I'm into right now....

1. Survival- for real. I am just coming back from a stomach virus that I thought was killing me. I am really dramatic when it comes to my health (like the one time I had a crick in my neck and I almost went to the ER because I thought I was going paralyzed), but this time I really was about to die. I will spare you the disgusting details but I do not wish it on my worse enemy (or do I?).

2. Losing weight via viral infection. Carb free is so 2004...vomitting is the fastest way to drop some LBs!

3. Mini vacation via viral infection. Let me explain. I used to see people in mental hospitals (why have I been to a mental hospital you ask, whole notha' story (ies)) and feel sorry for them. I felt bad for their bland meals, lonely solitary times, forced art therapy, and lack of shoe strings. Now, I realize how smart those crazies really are. I get sick and guess what? I don't have any responsibilites to care for the minihumans. So now I see bland diets in mental hospitals as room service and lonely solitary moments as spa time, and forced art therapy as mind numbing activity, and lack of shoe strings as opportunity to go without a bra or makeup.

4. Body for life. Look it up, I'm starting a chllenge as soon as I read the book. Anyone interested?

5. Reducing/eliminating processed foods from my family's diet. I know it's super trendy right now, but whole foods really are best. Check out this blog post...I especially loved the home schooling part.

6. "Apologies" by Grace Potter & The Nocturals.

7. Pinning original pins on Pinterest. I feel like I am doing everyone a huge favor when I post something I found on the web. You're welcome.

8. Watching two thirds of the mini humans compete in Division 47 basketball. Mh1 has scored 2 weeks in a row! Hoop game!

What are some things you're into right now?

Monday, January 9, 2012

This isn't Dr. Suess!!!

I try to read with/to my children as much as possible (not enough). Most of the time I find myself reading a story (with a great amount of exhausting expression) only to realize (several pages in) that no one is paying attention to me. This is frustrating because I am not getting the attention that I need...but also because they are missing an excellent learning opportunity. Though, today's story isn't about missed learning opportunities...it's about a lesson in human anatomy. Enjoy!

TLB is reading with mh3. As they are perusing various pictures of objects like balls, dogs, blocks and airplanes, they come upon a picture of a girl. TLB tests the baby saying things like, "Where's her fingers?" or "Where is her leg?" even as far as "Where's her toes?", this continued on until mh2 (any of you that know her will appreciate this) decided to get in on the action. She too, wanted to help her baby sister learn. As TLB asks the next question, "Where's her belly?", mh3 points accordingly, then mh2 asks the most important question, "Where's her vagina?" Needless to say, the fun quiz ended and TLB closed the book. That is the funniest kids I know.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Dad warned him

When TLB asked my Dad for permission to ask me to marry him, my Dad, attempted to save him some trouble and asked him the following...."Are you sure you want to do this? She is a difficult person to live with." Most people would be hurt if their Dad talked about them to their future husband in such a way. Not me- cause he's right. For the past few days, I have been PO'd but sadly the wrath is directed at TLB. He's been catching it from every angle for about 3 nights. Tonight was the best though! He ticked me off by not moving his truck so that I could pull out and go to the Y with the little girls. As I buckled the kids in, I plotted my revenge. I snapped their belts tight and I told them Mommy would be right back. Normally I would pull his truck on the street and park it, then pull my car out and all would be good. Tonight, I did pull his truck out of the driveway, but instead of pulling it up in front of our house, I pulled it up to the neighbor's house about 3 houses down. I knew he would be leaving minutes behind me and I found it to be so thrilling to know he would walk out of the house and have to look for his truck. I really do crack myself up. My Dad warned him.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Parental abuse

TLB has been sick. I ran out of work today so that I could pick up the kids. As soon as mh3 saw me, she did what any lovely angel of a child would do when they saw their mother....she asked, "Where's Daddy?" She is so good for a mommy ego boost. We drove to the Y were I proceeded to workout like a banshee so that I could quit suffering from a mother's guilt (feeling guilty about taking them from Daycare to the Y). When I got to the childcare center, mh2 says, "Mommy why are you here already?" Another lovely ego boost. Just wait...it gets better...mh3 sees me and immediately starts crying saying things like, "no go!" and "Daddy!" and "no hat!" and "no coat!" All the while I am sweating like a maniac (remember banshee workout?) and trying to get all of our coats, hats and shoes on. I finally had to start using my mommy voice and telling the baby, "Get your coat on! I don't like for strangers to see me beat my two year old" (I was pretending to act like she was still cute but really I was afraid I was going to have to spank her...Spank her or yell things at her like, "USE COMPLETE SENTENCES A-HOLE!") She continued to cry as I literally had to pull her by the arm toward the exit. As I am pulling her the Y is bustling with all it's new customers (don't forget it's New Years!) and they don't know me so they stare. I get tired of the stares and start saying (over and over again), "Stolen baby!" This made me laugh (on the inside) which made my trip to the car bearable. Whatever it takes to survive....without having to beat.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year!

Happy New Year to all 10 of you!

This year I have made a few goals and they are as follows:
1. Decrease body fat from 32% to 24%
2. Quit drinking diet soft drinks (haven't had one since the 31st)
3. Eat 21 or more fruits/veggies a week
4. Take a muli-vitamin everyday
5. Pay off 1/2 of our Equity line
6. Quit yelling at the kids (that's a ridiculous goal but I like to put on good fronts- don't tell anyone)

All of these goals are obtainable. I have never had a New Year's resolution and I don't really understand why people have them, but these are things that I really want to do, and when is a better time than now. I heard this woman ask some man today, "Did you have a good New Years?" His response, "I try to have a good day everyday." That's the attitude I want. I have a wonderful life and I really should have a good day everyday.

Totally irrelevant topic but I tried sardines today (Dr. Oz said you should eat oily fish 3 times a week and I always listen to the likes of Dr. Oz). They are f-ing disgusting. There is no way EVER you could get me to try one of those EVER again. TLB knows that I am not a big fan of seafood and was suprised that I even bought them. What's even better is I almost bought anchovies!

I am making this for dinner later this week and I am making cabbage soup. Does anyone know why I can't find cilantro? I looked for fresh and dried but I couldn't find it.

Today is my niece's 4th birthday. Her name is Baby Cuppy Cake is she is the sweetest angel you have ever met. I can't wait to meet my 2nd niece in a couple of months.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.