Sunday, November 27, 2011

These are the kinda fans I got....

I recently received this message, "Little thing in life make me laugh and your blog is one of those. Could you PLEASE update at least one a week??? Just asking!!!!" Sincerely, Bossy B!tch" How many of you have fans like that? I must oblige...
Tonight I decided that I needed to get more into the Christmas spirit. To do this, I got on iTunes and started looking for Christmas songs to download. Mh1 started listening with me and helping me decide on which songs we wanted. You know your irritable when you are trying to do something fun like listen to Christmas music and you have to put in ear buds only allowing for one person (ME) to listen, while blocking out the rest of the chaos that I call family. (By the way, I spent $ picks are Celine Dion's O Holy Night, Go Tell it on the Mountain by David Crowder Band, One Little Christmas Tree by Stevie Wonder, Blue Christmas by Elvis and ALL of the Jackson 5 Christmas songs). Mh1 did pick Jingle Bells by Micky Mouse and friends. Too bad I was the only one getting to listen to it.
We got our Elf on the Shelf out yesterday. I started to read the book to them at breakfast this morning (it explains how "Elfie" travels back and forth to let Santa know how you're doing and all that), but instead of listening, all they kept saying was, "Can I have another biscuit?" and "Can I have another piece of bacon?" I slammed the book shut and sat in amazement as I realized I have discipline all WRONG...I need to start punishing them by withholding food.
I realized over the LONG holiday weekend that all a person needs to survive management of small children and tolerance of extended family is wine. Lots and lots of wine. Speaking of wine, I should have taken some in my travel mug when we went to Sam's today. For whatever, my mini humans decided this was a great opportunity to sing at the top of their lungs and touch every single item for sale in the store. I am not a big fan of PDB (kinda like PDA but instead of "affection" insert "beating", so I was resolved to whisper really threatening things in their ears like, "I am getting ready to take you into the bathroom" but then it got to the point that I didn't care who saw or heard me, and I straight up told them in front of God and everybody that I was getting ready to beat them down. Everyone (meaning the people I was threatening) laughed. I made them all stay in the car when I went into Kroger. Take that little kids. (Yes, CPS, their father was in the car with them...I punished him for their creation)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things that I didn't know I was signing up for...

I have always known that I wanted to have babies. I don't remember ever dreaming about my career or wedding, but I remember always dreaming about all the little boys I would have. HA! God sure is funny.
Though I dreamt of children my whole life, I didn't not know I was signing up for the following:
1. Being woken up in the middle of the night by coughing. Why can't a mother sleep through a child's cough (from across the house- and I am talking about meaningless coughs not sick cough which really get me going)? Why can't I just sleep through it instead of my brain activating some Go-go-gadget hearing? Why does TLB sleep soundly through the coughs?
2. Having to say things like, "Who pooped in the bathtub?" and more recently, "Do not put lotion in your vagina" (for privacy's sake I will spare you the details of that conversation).
3. Going into restaurant bathrooms and holding small people over toilets so they can poop in them without touching anything in the bathroom. This is uncomfortable for all involved and it stinks.
4. How stressful it is to hear your baby cry (even if you know there is no reason). TLB still doesn't understand why I get all irritable when mh3 wonders around crying (her way of complaining) instead of ignoring her.
5. The constant worry.
6. I have always known that I am competitive but I did not know that it was to the point that on the outside I would congratulate my daughter for getting the second fastest run time in P.E. but on the inside I am planning her training schedule so that she can have THE fastest time next time. ***Disclaimer: she did have an ear infection when she came in 2nd place.
7. 6 is all I got right now
I have yet to start writing my philosophy of education as I discussed in my last post. Read Rick Monday's comments, he is a funny dude.
If you didn't already know it, Ann Coulter is my hero. Look her up.
TLB was passed over for FireFighter again. He'll get it next time. I'm still proud of him. You know how they are doing that whole "Occupy WallStreet" thingy (which makes no sense to me), I think I am going to get a petition together for TLB. It will go something like this....If you think that TLB would make an excellent Firefighter and you would feel safe knowing he was there to get you out of a burning building or perform lifesaving CPR on you, please sign this form. When I get around 300 signatures, I am going to take it to the Chief and make him realize that TLB is what the community wants! Too bad we can't vote him in.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Philosophy of Education

I am considering applying to get my Education Specialist Degree so that I one day can become a Bossy Britches myself. This would mean I would have a degree in administration so that I could possibly be a principal one day. To apply to the program I must write my philosophy of education. I have no idea what my philosophy is, so I thought I would just ramble on here until something came out that I could send to UofL.
I do believe that all children have the right to an education, but I also believe our struggling learners are taking up more resources than our advanced learners. I do not think it's "fair" that so much pressure is put on states/districts/schools to close the gap between the general population and struggling learners that we limit the extra time that we spend with learners that need to be challenged. (Who do you think the future of this country is?)
I do believe that without community support and parental involvement a school is destined to fail regardless of how great the school.
I do believe that getting training at UofL isn't going to make me a good or bad administrator. I know that the background information is important but I either got it or I don't.
I believe I'm tired and I'll probably put off the application a little while longer.