Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is your brain

8/25/11 TLB and I came to realize that someone broke in our home today. Long story short, they were pill head drug addicts that live down the street from us. Well, we don't know that it was them for sure, but the police are pretty certain about who did it. Anywho, these dummies came in and got scared off before they were able to actually lift anything from us. After the police came and I walked around the house for a few hours, I went into my closet (I knew they had been in there), and looked around a little harder. I then realize that these idiots walked past the laptop, iPod dock, Nintendo DSi, watches, and jewelry to go into the closet and rummage through a box. In that box they saw a laptop and an ancient FAKE Coach bag (literally- I bought it at a purse party 10 years ago). Guess what they choose to steal over all of my valuables? That's right....a broken 7 year old lap top and a busted up fake Coach purse. Dummies.
The previous paragraph was written the evening of the is now one week past and I have come to find the doper wasn't as simple as I thought he was. Everyday we found more and more of our belongings missing. I think that the first night we were in shock and failed to really look for what was missing. I have been dealing with the aftermath for a week now and it is really consuming. It's unfair. The guy is in jail but the items of sentimental value that he took from us have admittedly been thrown in the trash. I know he needs help for his addiction but my Great Grandmother's jewelry and my mother's wedding band for whatever reason are taking precedence over his "problem". I am praying that God gives me the strength to forgive my enemies, and to value what is important. For right now I am ANGRY and I am mourning the loss of the items only I would find precious. I am disgusted to think about how he entered our house (more than once I should add) and walked through it as if it was his. He searched through each room and took whatever he wanted. He needs to be punished for what he has done, instead we are being punished by having to do things like set up a security system, find proof of what we claim are missing, search pawn shops, talk with police.
I haven't blogged because I want this blog to be a place of fun stuff and I haven't felt very funny lately. I am hoping by writing all this down, it will make me feel better. Maybe I just need a beer. Don't tell my sponsor.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not much to talk about

Mh1 started kindergarten this week and she loves it.

I made it to the Y 6 times this week even though I went back to work. I was really worried my fat, lazy butt would get back to work and quit hitting the gym. Plus, I have a great workout partner that holds me accountable to get there.

For real, if I could quit eating things like icing, cookies, brownies, cakes, candy...I would be like 20 lbs. lighter.

I have no desire to go to the fair, yet TLB is itching to go everyday. I do not find $6 beers/cokes, $10 corn dogs, cow poop, giant pigs, shady roller coasters, or country music appealing in any way. I would rather lay on the couch and watch reruns of Entourage or True Blood rather than fight a crowd of teenagers smoking ciggarettes and fat drunk girls looking for a date.

I told a really rude person on the phone that I found their "condescending attitude more than offensive"....Later in the conversation he said (in a condescending tone), "Mrs. Lawn Boy, I did not mean to be condensation earlier." That made the conversation we had earlier almost worth it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lacking in that department

As a teacher, if you could only have one good quality, it should probably be organization. Anyone that knows me, knows that this is something I do not have. Everything from my refrigerator, hard drive, make up drawer, CLOSET, purse, car get the point. One of my favorite bloggers dedicated an entire post to her closet and how it is organized. For real? I don't get it. There are so many things that I would rather do than organize my closet. Things like...sit on the couch. Every once in a blue moon (like every 3 or so years) I get a wild hair and clean out my closet. The organization only lasts about 1 day (I'm serious) so I don't see the point. I only organize when I find it difficult to find things. Plus, I have kids that literally walk behind me as I am putting things in their place, just to pull something else out and throw it in a place it doesn't belong. So, this blogger makes my skin crawl. It doesn't make me feel any better to have a clean closet vs. having a dirty closet so I totally don't understand you annoying people that are like, "How is your pantry, drawer, car, purse, desk, entertainment ctr. like that? That would drive me crazy!" Oh shut up, I have a book to read or Big Brother to watch.

Family Vacation

A few days ago, at the last minute we decided to take the mini-humans to Great Wolf Lodge for a night. The place is ridiculously expensive but it is very nice. The kids loved it. I packed our bags the morning before we left and as we were driving down our street headed out of town, I had a fleeting thought...Did I forget my bathing suit bottoms? I ignored the thought and we drove 2 hours. Once we arrived, we ran to our hotel room and changed into our swim suits. That's when I realized I should have paid more attention to the things that pass through my brain. I had in fact, forgotten my bottom. So, I walked to the gift shop and asked the girl behind the counter where the cheapest bathing suit in the store was. She looked me up and down with her lip curled up a little and said, "Do you want a one piece or a 2 piece?" I replied, "I don't care, I just need a bathing suit that doesn't cost $100." I ended up finding one on my own and it was $38. That really made me mad, but what choice did I have? I get back to the room and just put those bottoms on with my top. I realized after a few minutes in the water that I needed a smaller size bottoms. I will spare you the details, but I looked down a few times (after feeling a draft) and realized that my "lady parts" were on display for all of the 9-year-olds in the wave pool. So, I was paranoid the rest of the day. The next day I rigged up the bottoms so that my lady parts didn't show anymore. The problem with my fix up job was that it caused the back of the suit to hang down. So, no longer were my "lady parts" showing but now my butt crack was all up in ere'body's vision. When it was almost time for us to leave this younger girl walked up to me and said, "I need to invest in a mom bathing suit like that." Wow. Not only am I practically naked but now I am wearing a "mom bathing suit". Next time I am wearing a thong bikini and I don't give a eff.