Thursday, August 29, 2013

Once a month

I think I'm down to only posting each month because I broke my lap top and I don't really like blogging from my phone.  I don't really want to buy another lap top so I don't know...

Things going on in my life that I am narcissistic enough to think you are about:

I fell off the eating-well-and-working-out-5-times-a-week wagon after vacation.  I still haven't recovered.  I have gained about 6 pounds.  That doesn't seem like a lot but I can feel it in my clothes.  Work makes it that much harder to get it back together, but this week has gone decent.

Mh1 made the cross country team at her school.  Why did I bust a tear when she handed me her paper that said she made the team?  A mother's pride is crazy.

Speaking of crazy, one of my parents talked crazy to me at work today.  Some people don't realize that I bend over backwards for and genuinely care about their child.  Being hostile to me for no reason is just plain silly.  Why is there such an "us against them" type of mentality with some parents and some schools?  I want to have a good, working, open relationship with my daughters' school, I assume all parents feel that way. 

I'm not ashamed but I am annoyed that I cannot get Miley's song out of my head.  All of you need to leave that girl alone.  If you don't like her little flat baby bootie, don't watch her.  The other song that I love right now is Gorilla by Bruno Mars.

Show I'm into:  The White Queen
Book I'm into:  The series that The White Queen is based on by Phillipa Gregory
Shows I'm into:  None (I did finish Orange is the New Black and season 1 of The Killing on Netflix, I definitely recommend)

I recently joined a fantasy football league.  It's all women and the team name is something like Vagina Power but I can remember exactly.  I want to win but I have no idea what I'm doing.  All I know is The Ex gave me all of the picks to make and I did, and he said I have a good team.  I feel like if I don't win I won't make him proud.  That's so dumb.  Fantasy football is trying to ruin my marriage.

Anytime I watch The Road Rules/Real World Challenge or the physical challenges on Big Brother I always think I would win.

I was thinking about competing in jiu jitsu in October in Indianapolis but The Ex isn't competing so  I have chickened out.  You would think that I am not competing because I am scared, but actually I am not competing because I do not feel like dealing with the nervousness that would consume me until the time of competition for the weeks leading up.  Just thinking about not doing the competition gave me nervous butterflies in my stomach just now.

One more (not so funny) funny story.  I think I was involved in domestic violence this morning.  I was the aggressor.  The Ex and I got into an argument about something silly.  He was at the kitchen sink and took a hand full of water and threw it in my face (I guess he was trying to be playful but I just did my makeup) in a total reaction I slapped him across the head.  If he would have done that to me, I would have picked up the frying pan and hit him with it.  I'm sorry for being an abusive wife, Boo, but you better know your place next time!