Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hours in the day

I did the math...there are 24 hours in a day. The kids sleep about 12 of those 24, so that leaves 12 hours a day that they are awake. 10/12 of those hours, one of my kids is crying. Now I don't feel guilty for yelling at them in public. They deserve it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

code switching

is using different language or dialect according to the group that you are around. I had an interesting discussion today about how important it is to be able to code switch. I knew that I had the ability because I talk differently according to who I am around. For instance, if I poured a bowl of cereal and reached into the fridge for milk, only to realize there is none left, this is how I would react if the following people were around....
-the girls, "Do you guys know who drank mommy's milk (and I'm not talking about Seren Jo)?"
-my boss, "Mrs. Whitely, I'm am hoping you know who drank the milk, if not, I'll take care of it ASAP."
-Jason- "Why the f*** didn't you buy more milk?"
- my bff, "B****, did you drank all the milk?"

Point being, if we don't know how to code switch, we aren't successful people. So interesting.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am only responsible for someone's life

I promise to live up to that responsibility even when I don't feel like it. Today, I don't feel like it. It's not their fault though. I am just stressed and left with few options so I don't feel like it. I wish that I had the support person that most girls have, but instead of that I have many stand-ins. They are great stand-ins but it's not the same. I promise I'll step up when the time comes. I refuse to continue the cycle.

I would apologize for the riddles, but the people reading this probably know who I am talking about.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot and steamy...

Outside. I am getting my tan on today without any little people. These little people bring much joy to my life but they do not make it possible to bathe in the glorious sun with my eyes closed. Plus, one of them literally drains me. So, my husband (I need to think of a nick name for him at some point) so sweetly volunteered (I think that's what he did) to keep all 3 of the beezlebubs.

My good 'ol dad turns 50 tomorrow. That's really crazy for me because my dad was always the "young dad". Notsomuch anymore. I am reading a book for a class/professional development I am taking and one of the characters that I am studying is a retired Navy man. Plus, he is responsible for "saving" a few of his grandkids (Title of the book is Crash) This guy reminds me of my own dad. This sounds so cliche but I really do have the best dad in the world (I am willing to fight you over it, if you want). This is why...
1. he loves me and he shows it
2. by showing me he loved me, I loved myself and I never had to search for a father figure in men, like a lot of girls/women do
3. he is funny, and he gets my humor when a lot of people don't
4. he is the strongest guy in the world
5. he came to my school in 5th grade in his white Navy uniform and talked to my class
6. he made breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for me
7. he enjoyed the fact that I am in a bad mood in the morning
8. he worked 60 hours a week (more or less) to pay cash for me to go to college
9. he taught me to work hard
10. he demanded respect from me
11. he worked all day to go and sit in a parking lot and wait for me to get out of practice
12. he didn't miss a basketball game or softball game
13. he is nice
14. I wish I was as smart as him
15. he loves my girls
16. he sacrificed a lot for me

The list could go on and on but these are the main reasons my dad is the best. Happy Birthday, Dad. I'm glad Jesus sent me to you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Word to your (aunts)

Guess what??? I have an official follower, it is.....drum roll please.........MY AUNT!!!! Go family! I didn't want to tell anyone up front, because I wanted it to be really exciting, but my first official follower won a million dollars. Way to go! Tell your friends and family because there is way more money to be won on this blog.

Most people post a little question at the end of their blog to get the convo rolling. I'll do that, too. So, what kind of things would you like for me to talk about? I guess I'll only have one response being that I have one follower, so that should be easy to comply with.

***Now on to recruit my dad and husband...they'll read, right?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Snoop bloggie blog

Yeah, I know, it's 2010, but I just discovered how much fun blogs are. One of my friends is in the middle of adopting her baby, and to keep everyone updated she posts to her blog daily. I started reading that blog, then I got interested in a few fitness blogs. Now, I am addicted to 3 blogs and peruse other blogs daily.

So, the only people that are probably reading this are my mom (but she still gets frustrated trying to turn on the computer...I mean it does take a lot of skills with technology), so probably not even her. If you are reading this, please see the following list of disclaimers. I am....
1. offensive- I am a conservative and that seems to get everyone totally po'd
2. scatterbrained- I think I have a bit of ADHD and this blog will serve as a vessel of my stream of consciousness (probably chaotic)
3. I am not that entertaining

These are the things that you can probably find at any given time:
1. Posts about fitness (can I get a witness?)
2. Posts about my family
3. Posts about my friends
4. Posts about my job-e-job

Until next time....