Saturday, May 13, 2017

Today was a good day

Today I woke up at the Butt Crack of Dawn (official time) to walk my bad @ss dogs, and go to the gym.  I then came home to MH2 having a conniption fit (ever had one of those- if not, it's a lot of screaming and crying for no reason) because the uniform she was wearing for softball "didn't fit right".  This is coming from a kid that farts 72 times a day, doesn't match any of her clothes, and wears boots with American flags on them 10 months out of the year.  Anyway, she finally got her conniption fit to level "mom won't kill me but I'm still crying".  We headed to the ball park.    She recently just joined back up with a team that she played with last year.  If you are involved in our lives at all you know that we just finished building our house.  During the build our lives were CRAZY.  I felt like everything was so unstable and playing travel softball just wasn't an option for us (or her) at that point.  Well, finally we've gotten settled moved into our new house and freed up some stress giving her another opportunity to play with her friends.  To see the bond that those girls have is priceless (I've played a lot of ball in my life and never had the connection that I see in those girls).

Back to today, we head to the first game.  She plays in that, then we speed (literally) to her Rec ball league so that she can play in that game.

After I watch my girls and niece play (and win) their Rec ball game, we changed clothes, packed up the bad @ss dogs and headed to Otter Creek.  We spent about 2 hours there walking the trails with my good friend Kelly and her husband.  After I wore the kids and dogs out really good we came home.

Now I am sitting on my back porch, drinking the nectar of the Gods (or what others call Yuengling) admiring the view while watching the dogs go primal on raw chicken legs.  I'm waiting for Kelly to come back with Mike Linnings and we'll eat, drink and be merry while watching the kids roast marshmallows.

Today was a good day.