Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Liar Liar, Who's going to put out your fire?

First off, take notice of my poetry skills.
So, TLB took his polycrap test for the Fire Dept. today. Let me give you a little background knowledge. He has been trying to get on as a Fire Fighter for the past five years. He has tried his best and work his butt of and no matter what happens, I think he's the man. So, he received "inconclusive" results on 2 of the questions. One of those questions was regarding his use of illegal drugs. He admitted to them any of the stupid college age crap he did...no lie there. He also received "inconclusive" on a question about illegal activity that he wasn't caught doing. Unless he breaks into cars and I don't know about it, he is ok there. Frustrating does not begin to describe how I feel for him. He is a hard working, honest, helpful, respectful, fit, kind person. Isn't that your cookie cutter Fireman? Oh wait, let me get more politically correct, Fireperson? For further clarification, the inconclusive results do not mean he failed the test, but it just feels bad. Bad because he's honest, and bad because if 2 stupid questions prevent him from getting his chance...that just sucks.
Funny story...someone I know (I will leave her identity annonymous for the sake of embarrassment) was driving her teenage daughter (16 years old) to practice this past weekend. This person accidently took a wrong turn, teenager responds to wrong turn with, "God you're dumb. Stupid b***h." When she told me this I actually laughed. I know people always have great ideas when they aren't the ones in the situation they are opiniating (made up word) on but I KNOW that this is what I would do.
1. Stop the car
2. Explain to child that I am so dumb that I am an unsafe driver and they should promptly get out of the car
3. Once child begins to protest I would continue to drive but go straight to my house (with or without child)
4. If child says anything else to me after I am out of public and in my house, I would hit them repeatedly about the face and neck.
5. You ask me what I would do if child did get out of car....I don't know and I don't care I would be at home
Also, you should know I wrote this post because I was commanded to do so by none other than Bossy Britches. A one month break was enough, I will start getting on here more. I really think the problem was that I thougt I would get on here and start making money for writing. When that didn't happen I because disillusioned. Just kidding