Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One of the best ever

These are The Ex's grandparents. We call them Ma & Di. They were married for 65 years until Monday night when she went Home.

I am guessing but I think Ma was about 5"2' tall. I am 5'8"...that's a six inch difference. You would think that a woman that hovers 6 inches above another woman would feel dominant. This is not the case. Ma was in charge and she intimidated me. She didn't try to intimidate me (she was one of the nicest people I have ever known) but she did.

I think I felt that way around her because she was the most efficient, loving mother/grandmother I have ever known. Anything that I have ever eaten, that she made, was perfect. The very best, most delicious hush puppies that I have ever put in my mouth, were made by her. She kept an immaculate house. Ma wrapped Christmas and birthday presents with precision (and a roll of tape on each gift). She was 14 years old when she married Jason's grandpa. Before that, as a child herself, she took care of her siblings after her own mother had passed. A girl that didn't have a mother taught herself to care for children and a home and taught herself to be a wife at 14 years old. The things that she accomplished at 14 are things that I continue, at my age, to try to accomplish. It will be impossible to live up to her legacy.

I will miss her deeply and I am so thankful to her for raising a daughter that raised the boy that became the man of my own family.  I love you Ma.

"Y'all come down now."