Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sometimes I think about things and instead of being thoughts they become obsessions.  I probably have some type of mental illness...I've written about my various "interests" here.  Today I am obsessing over the dumb crap about banning the word "bossy".  For real, for real:  I've been called bossy my whole life.  You know what, I am.  I always think I know what's best about everything.  I find it confusing/amusing when I am actually wrong about something.  I know this about myself and I try to remember that it is ok when someone doesn't agree with me or do what I want them to do.   I've decided all these people that don't like the word, have never been called bossy.  I bet you that women that are in leadership positions have at some point been called bossy, because guess what?  They probably are!  They're good at telling people what to do and they probably were when they were little girls!

I'm going to go ahead and blow your minds here:  I hate to break your hearts but men are usually better in leadership positions.  You know why?  They don't things personally.  So, there are more men in charge because they are typically better at it- not because a bunch of little girls were called bossy in 1960 shutting down their personalities ending their future of being a CEO.   P.S. You know where I'm best at being bossy? At my house- where I run this mother trucker!  The Ex is good at things, but I'm like really awesome at running the Strange household.  Furthermore, if anyone told me that I was good at running my household I would be flattered because it's the most important job I've ever or will ever have.  I'll leave running companies to men.  Go ahead and get over your false cry of sexism.  While your boo hooing, I'll write about something else....

I'm reading 2 books right now:  The Life of Jesus According to Biff.  Hilarious but sacrilegious.  Also reading The Husband's Secret.  Why 2 at once you ask?  Depends on the mood I'm in when I read.  Plus, I've been starting a lot of books lately without finishing them.

Let's see what else, I can think of....I had a birthday yesterday.  It was good.  I got an awesome new pair of rain boots from The Ex.  So I can give you a guarantee that Derby will be beautiful because I have new boots to wear.  If I didn't have boots it would rain, you're welcome.

Mh1 turned 8 the other day.  She had a good one.  She's starting her first year of softball and so far...she's really bad at it.  It's all good though, she's having fun and she'll get stronger and better as the season goes on.  She wants to do well and she's got a really good coach and some super cheerleaders.  I'm happy to watch her and I'm proud no matter what.

Mh3 turned 4 a few weeks ago.  That's really sad because she really isn't a baby anymore.  We still call her, "The baby" and she'll probably have that name the rest of her life.  She's still as funny as ever and she still makes my soul sing.