Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My life be like....

Let me preface this by saying, I love my life.  I really do.  Now that I got that out of the way:

I need to share something that I think every woman (or man) should know before having children.  This is something that no one told me between all the, "motherhood is so wonderful" and "you'll love being a mommy!" (which is all true).  I feel like this is some top secret information that women should let out of the bag!  For all of you reading that don't have children, you're lucky to be a reader because this is a life changer.  Let's get to it.  No one EVER told all annoyingly irritating children can be!  No one ever said, "There are days when your kids are going to get on your nerves so bad, you will want to get in the witness protection program."  or "There are times when you are driven so insane with annoying offspring that you will want to climb to the highest part of your roof and dive headfirst".  Speaking of annoying, you know all those "Pretty baby" contests that all those unannoyed (yeah right) mothers enter their babies in on Facebook?  Why don't they have a Most Irritating Child Contest.  Dude, I would have 1st place and 1st and 2nd runner's up in the bag!!!!

Why are my children so annoying you ask?  Actually, they're not.  I'm just a mom who tries to take care of them the best I can and in the process I'm keeping it real.  My kids are good, sweet, bright children.  Their biggest fault is that they are young and they are learning.  This is not their problem, it's mine.  I don't have the patience I need to have with them. 

Sometimes, life just makes it difficult for me to enjoy the girls.  For instance, 2 days ago my air conditioning went out in the house.  It started with a VERY loud banging noise coming from our unit outside.  TLB writes it off as not being a big deal.  I'm not a heating and cooling professional but I'm pretty sure it shouldn't sound like a helicopter is hovering over our house.  That being said, there is a problem and it is being fixed sometime today.  In the meantime, the girls had to sleep together in mh2's room because that side of the house is on a separate AC unit.  Because they slept together, they had a hard time falling a sleep, and they woke eachother up SUPER early.  Everyone today is hot and tired.  Their mother included.  So, to fix the problem, I lathered up with sunscreen and told them to go outside and play (before it gets too hot).  I also locked the back door so that they could not come in.  This has given me the opportunity to sit by the window and listen to them play (enjoyable), clean up my kitchen and do a load of laundry (not enjoyable). 

Something funny:  the two eldest girls started swim lessons a couple of weeks ago.  Every single lesson I get tears in my eyes from pride.  I find this funny because the types of things that make me well up with pride and tears have been mh2 floating on her back, and mh1 doing a 1/2 dive 1/2 belly flop.  I wonder how proud I'll be when they become President?