Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's been a while

I think I haven't had much to talk about this summer because we pretty do the same thing everyday.  Interesting things happen when we get out of routine and we pretty much do this everyday: 
1.  wake up to alarm screeching sounds that come from hell spawns
2.  attempt to match energy from the little people by drinking at least 8 cups of coffee
3.  make breakfast for the  (same thing pretty much everyday= egg whites, fresh fruit, and oatmeal, cereal, or on the rare occasion pop tart (the little sugar addicts would eat pop tarts everyday)
4.  answer 50 questions like, "What are we going to do today?"  "Can we go to the Y?" "What's for lunch?" (damn it man, didn't you just eat breakfast?) "Can we go swimming?"  The questions never end.
5. go to gym, swimming, dr. appt., or run errands
6.  naps (this is why I love God so much- he created naps to give mothers of young children respite)
7. start dinner or plan on going to dinner with my dad (we have gotten really good at going to the "kids eat free" nights
8.  go to DCMMA to get my @ss whooped (I feel so much better after I leave.  I'm not sure if you know this but kids are stressful, when I leave the gym after doing Boot Camp or Jiu jitsu I feel less stress, this does not mean that I get the endorphin rush everyone talks about- that never happens to me.  Dude, if I could get high from exercise, I would be one skinny little girl).
9. Bedtime
10. party time!  yeah right, crash time

Readers might find this funny:  at the end of BJJ class the instructor/coach has us line up (facing him).  He wraps up the class with advice and what not.  One day he was talking about the importance of breathing and breathing deeply with good posture.  He said something to the effect of don't hunch over the computer when you're on it, sit up tall.  He also said to the class, "Don't be a blogger, be an athlete!"  hahahahahaha  I asked if I could be both.