Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow days, Dads, and the best dog ever

We are having the biggest snow storm we've had in a whole bunch of years.  My dad wants me to check with The Ex (he's at the fire house) to see how the roads are.  I have no idea where my dad wants to go (probably nowhere, old people just like knowing things, I guess) but he wants me to ask.  I tell my dad he hasn't had any runs so he doesn't know how the roads are...My dad then offers to start a dumpster fire in his district to give him some work.  Wow.

Other stories from the snow...the minihumans BEG me to go and play in the snow.  Let's get something straight here.  I'm not one of those moms that goes and frolics in the snow with her kids building snowmen and all that.  I more of the kind of mom that makes hot chocolate for her kids, but makes some for herself with a splash of vodka and kahlua.  Anyway, after lots of begging we all get bundled up.  (Side note:  the half brained baby tried to go out in a pair of pajama bottoms and rain boots...see why I drink?).  We walk out the door, I start shoveling the walkway (which let's be clear, is totally a man's job but he's not here and I need a job to do while I'm "playing" with the minhumans).  I swear to you, 5 min. in mh3 (aka half brain) says, "I want to go in."  For the love of all things beautiful.  Does she realize there are three of them?!  I just think "F it" and say, "Ok, you little half brain baby, go on in the house."  Why do I hear her a few minutes later crying at the door (I can't see her because I'm down the driveway)...I say, "Half Brain, what's the matter?" She says, "I can't get the door open!"  (Remember I can't see her...only hear her), I say, "Take your gloves off."  (The I hear the door open and close).  How do moms know their kids so well?

All of this makes me realize how blessed I am to have a gang load of kids.  While it's a pain in the arse getting them all ready, feeding them, etc...the good thing is that they entertain each other!  I can be left to such import things as The Wire (thanks for the suggestion Amy!) and my Nook (currently reading Land Line) while they keep up with each other (I throw them some food here and there).  I don't know how people do it that only have 1 child.  That seems like a lot more work (mentally).

My dad and I have been told before that we have a weird sense of humor and that when we're around each other we ignore other people.  Both of us swear we do not intentionally ignore anyone on purpose BUT the things that we think are funny, most would is a text from tonight.  You'll think this is stupid, we could go on forever.

Something funny about my dad AND The Ex.  If you know me, you know that I can get a little crazy about random things.  They're about the only 2 people in the world (besides my baby sister and Amber) that can snap me out of my madness with some good stern words.  For instance;  the other night some transformers blew close to our house.  It was loud, the electricity was out, it was in the middle of the night, it was bright lights in the sky and I could smell smoke.  The Ex laid next to me and let me freak out for a little while (pacing the house, repeatedly looking out the window checking for terrorists (cookoo), listening to the fire scanner, etc.).  Finally, he says very sharply, "Calm down!"  That's all it took to snap me out of it.  Moments like that make me realize, I really can get carried away with weird stuff and usually he just let's me be weird, but sometimes it goes too far and he has to step in.  It's like this:

On a sad note, we had to put our girl down on Saturday.  She was 12 years old and the best dog I've ever known.  It was one of the saddest days of our life.  I asked my friend Josh the other day how we can love our dogs so much.  He said it best, "Because they're so much better than us."

I wrote this about her over 4 years ago, "I heard a while back that German Sheppards never rank #1 in any area (like protection, bite, agility, etc.) but they are 2nd or 3rd in every category. Here is a picture of my 8 year old German Sheppard....
I also have a 5 lb. Yorkie that is 5. They have been together since the Yorkie was a pup. They get in fights (mostly over that ugly red thing she is sitting with), but we always figured, if she hasn't killed the Yorkie yet, he's probably safe. Pisces is the best dog I have ever known (maybe besides good 'ol Pearl Jam). She is protective, smart, and beautiful. She also ignores the kids, I envy her."

I already miss her very, very much but I am so thankful for the time we had with her.