Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grandmothers can be boring

When I was a kid my parents shipped me off to my Great Grandmothers see this link to get a little background on her. I spent my time with her doing the following: watching Degrassi Junior High, Golden Girls, Beaches, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune (you get it- we watched a lot of TV), eating, going to church, and talking to her old friends. I admit, I would get bored. As bored as I would get, I wouldn't change it for the world. I loved that woman (still do). I loved her so much she was one of the 3 phone calls I made when I got home from school everyday (my mom was first, then Nana, then Grandma 585-4841). My point to all this is: TLB and I are going to hang out kid free today. Mh1 is on Christmas break so she must go to Nana's house (this is HER great-grandmother). She gets bored there and TLB feels bad about sending her. I don't. Not at all. One day, she'll remember these "boring" days with her Nana and feel nothing but good about it and happy for the chance to spend so much time with her Great Grandmother.
On a funny note, mh2 has gotten into Ti Kwon Do (Lord help us), so I bought her a gi for Christmas. She takes the class once a week at good 'ol YMCA. It's for 1/2 an hour and it's taught by Mrs. Travis. Mrs. Travis is CRAZY. She is very demanding, she is very strict, and she is impatient (you should know the kids in the class are 3-5 years old). Again, Mrs. Travis is CRAZY but I LOVE IT!!! Kids these days need discipline. Mh2 needs the focus. I love what that crazy lady is doing so much that I went and told the Director at our Y branch how great she is. He proceeds to tell me , "Thank you for letting me know, but I'm getting ready to fire her." WHY? He says she is too serious and she is "too hard" on the kids. BULL CRAP!!! This is what is wrong with Americans. SOFTIES. Mh2 has never came out of the class psychologically damaged because she had to say, "Yes ma'am" instead of "yeah". She hasn't come out damaged because she was forced to stand still instead of run around the room like a crazy person. Idiots. Now I've spent $40 on a gi that will go useless until she is old enough to go with the older kids. Boo

Sunday, December 4, 2011

When vacations attack...

This show is so idiotic (it's on National Geographic). We actually watched a family go up a mountain to view a volcano that hasn't erupted for 600 years. Guess what happened? The volcano erupted and they had difficulty finding the mom. Two things I asked that TLB found funny, "Why are these people going on vacation to see this? If the volcano hasn't erupted for years, isn't it about time????" and I also asked (because of the missing mom thing), "Would you come and look for me?" These vacations are stupid (not to mention the guy that jumped off a 70 ft. cliff into 6ft of water)...they are stupid because my idea of a vacation is laying down.
Mh1 and mh2 have started taking Tai Kwon Do...I can't imagine how I will react when they actually do real things in their lives to make me proud. I say this because, when they do something like kick a punching bad (the right way), I actually got teared up. (I didn't let TLB see because I know that I'm crazy).
Did any of you all know that until I was five years old, I thought that I was going to be Madonna when I grew up? Seriously, I thought I was going to morph into her or something. I actually remember the devastating moment (in Kindergarten) when I had a thought that went something like this, "I can't wait until I am Madonna! It's going to be so fun....wait a minute....I can't be Madonna...I'm already Conni Jo....Madonna is Madonna." I was so sad. Kids have it rough.