Saturday, September 22, 2012

Starting #6

Mh2 is celebrating her 5th birthday today (yesterday was the actual date, but today is the celebration).  This should be a happy occasion but she has already had 2 spankings.  In addition to corporal punishmentd my Dad was going to take her to Tae Kwon Do while I got the house together, but we had to cancel that because she is so out of order.  She actually ran inside the house and grabbed a random piece of paper off the counter and ran in the living room and threw it on the ground while singing a Taylor Swift song.  Why is she so crazy right now?  Her age?  When I told her to put if up she said something to the extent of, "Mommy's mean".  Mommy's mean???  Isn't this the mean mommy that gave you the stupid Stompeez that you went crazy for?  Is this the mean mommy that is planning to have your friends and family over to celebrate?  Is this the mean mommy that baked 48 cupcakes and brought them to school for her?  I might have to get drastic and just cancel the stupid party.  Then I remember, she's 5.  She doesn't appreciate me and probably won't until she's 62 or so.  But on her 64th birthday she'll hopefully look back on her life and remember the things that her parents did for her.  My problem is that I take things like "Mean mommy" personally.  That's stupid.  Even though I am very mature for a 24 year old, I can't help to get my feelings hurt.  How dare her not realize the time, money, and energy I invest in her and her sisters?!?!?!?!  She is now in bed napping- I pray that she needs rest and this is what it will take to turn her around.  If not, as a back up plan, I bought an 18 pack of Coors Light.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

  • I pray for the Americans that were killed in Libya.  I find it so stupid how many morons were going on and on about Hate when all that chick-fil-a nonsense happened, but I haven't heard hardly a peep (on social networking sites) about the hate demonstrated in Libya.
  • I am planning a birthday party for mh2.  I asked her what she wanted me to make.  She said BLTs.  How many 5th birthday parties have you been to when BLTs were served.  Yeah, me either.  So, I convinced her hamburgers and hot dogs would be more appropriate
  • The Ex and I celebrated 8 years of marital bliss on Monday.  I am proud of 8 years.  I am lying when I say all 8 years have been blissful.  What I am not lying about is that it's hard work, it's not a fairy tale movie but I love him anyway.   He loves me even though I am psychotic and depending on the day, he either deserves a medal or a punch to the trachea.
  • Heroin is making a big comeback around here.  If I didn't have children, I would totally get all heroin chic to lose 12-15lbs.
  • Speaking of heroin, I wish that I could smoke pot.  What I mean is that when I tried weed (that one time), it made me soooo paranoid that it was super unenjoyable.  The reason I want to smoke some mary jane is because sometimes my kids make me want to bang my head on concrete.  It seems like potheads are just chilled out all the time.  Besides pot making me think that the DEA is taking satellite photos of me, it's all against the law and what not and what have you. 
  • My grandma recently got this license plate for her car.  I don't have any words to go with it.  I think it speaks for itself.