Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weed and Vitamin C

I've never understood why people try drugs. We all took DARE and we all knew how scary/addictive drugs can are. Not to say I never tried anything but I never much liked it. For instance, I smoked weed once and as we were driving past a school bus full of teenagers I thought they were all staring at me and calling the police on me. This kept me from doing anything like smoking crack. I mean I thought they were going to call the police on me cause a of a little weed, I can only imagine what I would be think if I was on crack.

Speaking of drugs, the family is all experiencing some sniffles and such. I decided to drink Emergen-C and I had the bright idea to split a packet amoung the three mini humans. After they drank their mix, I read the directions. That's right, I read the directions after it was already down their tiny little hatches. The directions say, "For 14 years and over." I been tellin' y'all I'm going for mother of the year. TLB (AKA The Ex) says, "Well, there goes 60% of our family." I had to make sure that his math was correct before I could react....But then I didn't react, and then I realized, after 3 kids you really aren't scared of too much. They're like little roaches. It takes a lot to get rid of them.

Speaking of stupid , my stepmom (not her, keep reading) wrote a post about white people problems. I was at Chick Fil A last night and realized it's not really white people problems we're talking about, it's "rich people problems". I was looking around the restaurant and realized some people that have money are STUPID. For instance the man that brought in his boys that obviously have no discipline. I wondered what had gone wrong in his parenting when he busts out a mini DVD player and turns it on. Hello? Try talking to them when you're out to eat, instead of purposefully disengaging the rotten little brats.

Anywho, no Dad, I don't care if my employers see this. I was under 20 and I was stupid. I don't even care if my opponents use this against me (especially when I run for The Neighborhood Association Presidency).

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

TLB and I got engaged on good 'ol Valentine's day. You would think this would mean that I would have some romantic relationship with Valentine's day that would include reminiscing about our engagement while smelling a bouquet of flowers and eating a box of chocolates. Not hardly. Yes, I enjoy remembering our engagement (very funny story that would take too long for me to type out), but no, the fact that we got engaged that day has nothing to do with the holiday. Furthermore, I don't really like flowers (they're too much work- watering, throwing them away and all that), plus the whole, "Oh look at me, I got flowers at work, my man really loves me to send me flowers at work, blah, blah, blah" is really pathetic. I know my man loves me, I don't need to rub it in anyone's face. (If you're reading this TLB...don't think for one second I don't like getting suprises! I do, I really do. Suprises make me feel special and thought of). Also, I don't really like chocolate...correction....I LOVE chocolate but I hate that boxed chocolate weird pink and orange middle nastiness. I would be totally straight with a Hershey bar that costs about three quarters of a dollar. But, that is insulting to assume that I should only get chocolate on Valentine's day. I need chocolate like er-re-day.
TLB (AKA The EX, start getting used to it people- he's into his 2nd week of Fire Academy) was telling me that one of his new recruit buddies was asking him what he was getting his wife for V-day, TLB explained that we don't celebrate and the guy said, "I wish my girlfriend was like that." Wow, resentful much? Why would anyone want a gift that is only being given out of obligation?? Ladies, this makes no sense to me. Now, if you enjoy celebrating Valentine's day and so does your Boo, props to you. But, if you are getting crushed feelings cause your digging it and your man isn't, don't get all My-So-Called-Life-dramatic. Just remember why you loved him in the first place- and go on and do that er-re-day.
*****Notice that the picture (source) has nada to do with Valentine's day. Let me explain. I get Fitness on a monthly basis. This is the issue that came in the mail today. I asked mh3 to take it to my room. She looks at it and points to the woman on the cover and says, "Mommy!" I never understood how a mother could have a favorite child...until now.